Undelegating $SLF

Withdraw your delegated $ SELF tokens from a validator

Undelegation or unstake is the action in which you wish to withdraw your staking position and the rewards from the validator to your wallet.

You can undelegate your staked $SLF at any time, but there will be an unbonding period.

The unbonding period refers to the time it takes before assets are available to transfer or sell following a request to unstake, and incl. This may vary depending on the network. In Self Chain, we set the initial unbonding time as 21 days. This number can be changed in the future by DAO.

Through the 21 days of unbonding process, the delegator $SLF does not earn rewards or cannot be transferred, exchanged, or spent.


  • This guide assumes that you have previously delegated $SLF tokens to a validator using the $SLF staking application.

  • Make sure you understand the unbonding process and the unbonding time before proceeding.

Reviewing your staking positions

Visit the staking application at https://staking.selfchain.xyz/, connect your wallet, and check the Only Staked option. You will see the list of the validators that you have previously staked $SLF.

Stepping through the Undelegation Process

Click on the validator you with to undelegate $SLF, and select UNSTAKE as the option.

Enter the amount of $SLF you want to undelegate and click UNDELEGATE button.

Confirm the transaction approval on your Keplr wallet.

After the transaction gets confirmed, the Pending unbondings table will display your unbonding positions and the time that your tokens will be released to your wallet.

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