Account Abstraction

Power up your wallet with pre-built plugins or build new ones using AA and smart contract wallet capabilities

What is account abstraction?

ERC-4337: a new ‘account abstraction’ standard that unlocks the power of smart contract wallets, or ‘smart accounts,’ on the Ethereum blockchain (and EVM-compatible networks). ERC-4337 is one of the biggest upgrades to the way web3 wallets work, creating an infinitely smoother experience for users, regardless of web3 knowledge, through smart accounts.

Self Chain AA and Plugins SDK can offer built-in smart wallet features, any dApps can integrate with our wallet, and seamless access to most of the big DeFi protocols liquidity and resources.

Batch Transaction and Optimal Fees

Bundle multiple transactions to optimize gas costs and improve execution efficiency.

Offer user-friendly blockchain experience with sponsored or gasless transactions.

Pay Gas using any ERC-20 Tokens

More flexibility with transactions using any ERC20 tokens.

Synergy Between MPC and AA

Enhanced Security: Higher level of asset security and key management.

Seamless User Experience: Simplified onboarding, focus on user desires and outcomes—Web3 dApps for everyone, not only technical users.

Development: The team can now focus on core product development with wallet management and enriching smart wallet features handled.

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