Nodes & Validators

This repository contains guides to join the Self Chain mainnet and testnet networks.

This guide presents you with the Node and Validator setups for Mainnet and Testnet.

What's the difference between a node and a validator?

Validator nodes are what most people think of as a node. These are nodes that have registered with the network to gather delegated stakes and potentially be selected for inclusion in the validator set that conducts consensus on transactions. If successful, validator nodes may receive emissions via a “validator fee” that they can specify. These are the nodes that are listed on the Validator List on the Self Chain Explorer webpage.

Full nodes do not conduct consensus. Instead, A full node simply connects to the network, synchronizes the ledger state, and observes the status of the network. A full node stores the ledger transaction stream, which is exposed for the node-runner’s use by the Core API.

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