How to Delegate $SLF with Ledger

Easy steps to stake $SLF with Ledger


  • Add Ledger wallet to Keplr follow this official guide.

  • Get some $SLF for delegation and transaction fees.

Step 1: Connect Keplr Web Extension to Staking Application

  1. Connect Keplr with Connect button.

Step 2: Delegate your $SLF with Ledger

  • Connect the Laptop / Desktop to the Ledger with the Ledger Live.

  • Open the Cosmos app on Ledger.

  • On the Staking App, pick the validator you want to delegate.

  • Enter the $SLF amount and click delegate.

  • Confirm the transaction on Ledger. (click next to review all information before approving).

Make sure you see Cosmos Ready on Ledger on these steps.

After the transaction is confirmed, you should see the success popup.

View your staking position by checking the Staked Only box.

For undelegation, redelegation, and reward withdrawals. The steps should be the same for connecting the Ledger and confirming the transactions.

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