How to delegate $SLF with Frontier Wallet

Natively experience staking $SLF with Frontier Wallet


Both Frontier Wallet Browser Extension and Mobile app support $SLF staking natively. In this guide, we will go through the step-by-step process of delegating your $SLF with the Browser Extension. The experience should be the same on both iOS and Android apps.

Step 1: Create a Frontier Wallet with Self Chain network enabled.

  • Follow this guide from Frontier to create a new multi-chain wallet.

  • The most important step is to enable Self Chain on your multi-chain wallet.

Step 2: Delegate $SLF on Frontier Browser Extension

  • Have $SLF to start, click deposit to see your Self Chain address.

  • On the Main View, click Stake to open the staking window.

  • Click on the Validator dropdown icon to view the list of all active validators.

  • Select the validator you wish to stake.

  • Enter the amount of $SLF and click Review Order.

  • Review the staking information.

  • Be aware that the unstaking process requires a 21-day cooldown period.

  • After the transaction is submitted, open the main view and verify your staking position on the Positions tab.

Frontier wallet supports undelegation, redelegation, and native reward withdrawals. Manage your staked positions through the Positions tab on the main view.

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