Redelegating $SLF

Switch your staking position between validators without waiting for unbonding period

A redelegation is simply a "rebonding" or moving a portion (or full amount) of your staked $SLF tokens from one validator to another. This can be beneficial for a number of reasons. For example, if a delegator is no longer happy with the services or commission rates the validator is providing, then they may decide to move their bonded $SLF to another validator without having to wait the full unbonding period to make the switch.


This guide assumes that you have previously delegated $SLF tokens to a validator using the $SLF staking application.

Reviewing your staking positions

Visit the staking application at, connect your wallet, and check the Only Staked option. You will see the list of the validators that you have previously staked $SLF.

Stepping through the Redelegation Process

Click on the validator you with to redelegate $SLF, and select REDELEGATE as the option.

Enter the amount of $SLF you want to redelegate and the destination validator. Then click REDELEGATE button.

Confirm the transaction approval on your Keplr wallet.

After the transaction gets confirmed, your staked positions should be updated.

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