Token Allocation and Utility

SLF token is the Self Chain's native asset

The SLF token serves four purposes on the Self Chain network:

• As a spam prevention mechanism, SLF is used to pay fees. The fee may be proportional to the amount of computation required by the transaction.

• As staking tokens, SLF can be “bonded” to receive block rewards. The economic security of the Chain is a function of the amount of SLF staked. The more SLF that are collateralized, the more “skin” there is at stake and the higher the cost of attacking the network. Thus, the more SLF there are bonded, the greater the economic security of the network.

• SLF holders may govern the Self Chain upgrades by voting on proposals with their staked SLF.

SLF allocation at the Genesis

The initial total supply of SLF tokens at the Mainnet launch is 360,000,000. split across six categories described in the chart and table below.


Migration Allocation



Equity Investors



Validator Nodes / Growth Sale






Foundation Nodes






  • Migration Allocation (25%): This allocation allows certain token holders to seamlessly migrate their tokens to SLF on the Self Chain, ensuring a smooth transition.

  • Equity Investor Allocation (10%): Early supporters of Self Chain are recognized through this allocation, acknowledging their role in the project's growth.

  • Validator Node / Growth Sale (28%): Self Chain seeks to expand its validator network, inviting reputable names to enhance network decentralization.

  • Ecosystem (19%): Ecosystem initiatives are nurtured through grants and incentives, promoting meaningful contributions to the Self Chain project.

  • Foundation Nodes (10%): A set of foundation nodes will be run by Self Chain Foundation to ensure stability and functionality at the blockchain’s genesis.

  • Team (8%): A portion of SLF tokens is allocated to the Self Chain team and core developers to support long-term research, development, and ecosystem initiatives.


Self Chain’s 360 million SLF token supply at Genesis will be subject to several different unlock schedules. All tokens, locked or unlocked, may be staked.

Unlock schedule by category is described in the table below:

CategoryUnlock ScheduleMonthly Vesting

Migration Allocation

No Lock

No Vesting

Equity Investor Allocation

0% release on mainnet launch and then 12 months cliff and then monthly vesting for 24 months


Validator Node / Growth Sale

0% release on mainnet launch and then 6-month cliff and then monthly vesting for 12 months



~20% release on mainnet launch and then monthly vesting for 36 months


Foundation Nodes

Permanent locked vesting, where coins are locked forever.



0% release on mainnet launch and then cliff for 12 months and then monthly vesting for 60 months


28.8% of the total supply will be released at TGE, ~103.6M SLF. 90M from Migration Allocation, and 13.6M from Ecosystem Allocation. So, 3.78% of new tokens will be emitted on TGE.

The Ecosystem allocation is the only one that is released on the Self Chain Mainnet launch and will be used for:

  • Ecosystem Initiatives will be distributed via grants and incentives to contributors, and builders, contributing to or building meaningfully on Self Chain.

  • Exchange Listing and Liquidity.

  • Incentivized Testing Rewards.

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