Run a Validator Node with NodeOps

Few clicks Self Chain validator deployment with NodeOps service


  • Keplr or Leap wallet.

  • Some $SLF on Self Chain will be used to create a validator and delegate transactions.

  • Subscription Fees, USDT on Ethereum, Solana, BSC, or Polygon.

Open the NodeOps Console, and make sure the Self Chain provider is live.

Click the Self Chain option to select.

On the Validator Info, click the Connect Wallet button to connect your wallet to the NopeOps console. Set up a Keplr wallet if needed.

Fill out the validator information.

Select Duration and Click the Pay button to pay the subscription fees.

Make the Payment

Wait for the node to sync, which may take up to 20 minutes.

After the Node is synced, click to initiate the Create Validator transaction.

Confirm validator data, and click on ‘Create Validator’.

After the transaction is confirmed, you will see your Self Chain validator node running on the NodeOps dashboard. Click on the Validator to see the details.

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