Delegating $SLF

Delegate your $SLF token to validators in exchange for rewards

This tutorial covers delegating the $SLF tokens to a validator on the Self Chain network.

Self Chain and other Proof of Stake protocols allow token holders to earn rewards and participate in the protocol through delegation or staking. We will use these terms interchangeably in this guide.


  • To stake $SLF tokens with a validator, you must create a wallet with Keplr.

  • Fund $SLF tokens to your Keplr wallet.

  • Connect your wallet to the staking application

Reviewing your account

  • Verify your $SLF balance.

  • Verify the connected wallet address.

  • Verify the URL of the staking app.

Scan through the validator list

Take a look at the validator list, and check their information to determine the one your wish to delegate.

  • APR: real-time Annual percentage rate.

  • Total Staked: the amount of $SLF that staked into the validator.

  • Commission Rate: the percent of the staking reward that pays for the validator for the delegation.

  • Status: the status of the validator on the network. bonded is running and getting rewards, unbonded is not running.

  • Voting Power of the validator, based on their total staked compared to others.

In general, you should the validator that is bonded, has more toke staked, has less commission rate, and has an attractive APR.

Stepping through the Delegation Process

Click on the validator that you want to delegate.

Enter the amount of $SLF you wish to delegate and click Delegate.

Confirm the transaction approval on your Kelpr wallet.

After the transaction gets confirmed, your amount of staked tokens should be reflected with the recent delegation.

Claiming staking reward

Staking rewards are delivered to your staking position each block. You can claim your $SLF token reward using Withdraw Rewards button.

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