Set up a wallet

Guide to set up a Self Chain wallet address using Keplr

Create a Keplr Wallet

  1. Navigate to the Keplr Wallet extension in the Google Chrome store and follow the on-screen prompts to add the extension to your web browser

  2. Open the browser extension and select Create a new account.

To use a Ledger hardware device to manage your Keplr wallet, first, ensure you have the Cosmos app open and unlocked on your Ledger device. Select Import Ledger in the Keplr UI and follow the on-screen prompts to connect your Ledger to Keplr.

  1. Copy your mnemonic seed phrase and store it somewhere safe

Ensure that you store your mnemonic seed phrase somewhere safe where it cannot be lost or compromised. Your mnemonic seed phrase is the master key to your wallet; loss or compromise of your mnemonic seed phrase may result in permanent loss of your tokens.

  1. Establish an account name and password, then select Next.

  2. Confirm your mnemonic seed phrase and select Register.

Next, Add Self Chain to Keplr. and start interacting with the Self Chain applications.

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