Node Configuration FAQs

General Node Setup

What are Self Chain network IDs?

  • devnet: self-dev-1

  • testnet: self-test-1

  • mainnet: self-1

Where to download the latest release of Self Chain software?

The latest releases of Self Chain are located here.

Where to find/download the Genesis file?

The latest genesis file for the Self Chain devnet is located here.

Where can I get a list of seeds and persistent_peers node addresses to populate the [p2p] section of the config.yml seeds and persistent_peers values?

The seeds and persistent_peers values of Devnet are located here.

What should be the value of minimum-gas-prices in app.toml?

The value of minimum-gas-prices is 0.005uslf

Where can I get a complete example of standard settings for app.toml, config.toml, and client.toml node configuration files?

Are the EVM APIs enabled by default?

No, by default, the REST API is disabled. To enable the REST API, edit the app.toml file, and set enable to true in the [api] section.

# Enable defines if the API server should be enabled.
enable = true

What ports are used by the EVM API servers?

By default, gRPC is enabled on port 9090. The app.toml file is where changes can be made in the gRPC section. To disable the gRPC endpoint, set enable to false. To change the port, use the address parameter.

# Address defines the gRPC server address to bind to.
address = ""

How to check if a node is synced?

You can view the log by using the command tail -f selfchain.out

Or check the node status with selfchaind status

If the current block height of your node is the same as the latest block height of Self Chain, your node is synced.

How do I view my node ID?

Use selfchaind tendermint show-node-id command, you will see your node ID on the response.

How do I view my node IP?

Your node IP should be the same as the MAC IP of your running machine.

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