FRONT Migration

As a key element of our rebranding strategy, we are commencing the conversion of tokens from $FRONT to $SLF. This exchange will occur on an equal basis, meaning for each $FRONT token you currently possess, you will be entitled to one $SLF token in exchange.

Key Highlights:

  • 25% of $SLF Supply will be allocated to $FRONT Migration, 90M $SLF.

  • No lockup, no vesting for Migration Allocation.

  • Only $FRONT ERC-20 on Ethereum is supported by the Migration App, If you are holding $FRONT on BNB Chain, the first step is to transfer it into Ethereum using $FRONT Bridge.

  • $FRONT holding on CEXs will need to wait for CEX support, or withdraw to non-custodial wallets and do the Migration manually.

How to migrate $FRONT to $SLF on Self Chain?

Open the Migrator Application

Click on Add Self Chain to Keplr button at the bottom of the page to add the Self Chain

network to your Keplr wallet.

Click the Connect ERC20 Wallet button to connect your wallet with the migrator.

Partial migration is not supported, you will need to migrate the whole $FRONT balance.

  • Enter your receiving $SLF address.

  • Click Approve FRONT and confirm the transaction on your wallet.

  • Click Migrate All FRONT Balance to start the migration process.

The next step is releasing your $SLF on Self Chain. On the Vesting Position, click Release.

Confirm the signing transaction on your wallet and wait a few minutes on the migrator to process your $SLF token balance on Self Chain.

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