Add Self Chain to Keplr

Add Self Chain mainnet, devnet, testnet to Keplr

Add Self Chain devnet into Keplr's non-native Chains

  1. On the Add your Custom network section, enter the devnet chain setting below:

/{ "rpc": "", "rest": "", "chainId": "self-dev-1", "chainName": "Self Chain Devnet", "stakeCurrency": { "coinDenom": "SELF", "coinMinimalDenom": "uself", "coinDecimals": 6 }, "bech32Config": { "bech32PrefixAccAddr": "self", "bech32PrefixAccPub": "selfpub", "bech32PrefixValAddr": "selfvaloper", "bech32PrefixValPub": "selfvaloperpub", "bech32PrefixConsAddr": "selfvalcons", "bech32PrefixConsPub": "selfvalconspub" }, "bip44": { "coinType": 118 }, "currencies": [ { "coinDenom": "SELF", "coinMinimalDenom": "uself", "coinDecimals": 6 } ], "feeCurrencies": [ { "coinDenom": "SELF", "coinMinimalDenom": "uself", "coinDecimals": 6 } ], "gasPriceStep": { "low": 0.05, "average": 0.075, "high": 0.1 }, "features": [ "stargate", "no-legacy-stdTx", "ibc-transfer" ] }
  1. Click on the Validate Input & Add to Keplr button.

  2. Approve the confirm popup on Keplr. Verify on Kelpr:

Add Self Chain Mainnet to Keplr

The steps provided should be applicable for both the Self Chain testnet, as well as Self Chain mainnet.

Begin by opening the Keplr extension window. Locate and click on the menu icon positioned at the upper left corner of the window:

This action triggers a menu that includes various options. Click "Go to Keplr Chain Registry" at the bottom of the window, which will guide you to a new webpage showcasing all available chains:

On the webpage, type "Self Chain" into the search bar. This action will produce a list of all related chains. From this list, identify the Self chain that you want to add, and click the "Add to Keplr" link located to the right of the record. This action will open a window for you to approve the addition of the chain to Keplr. Click the "Approve" button to complete the action.

Upon completion, your Keplr wallet should now include Self Chain within its chain listing. Any tokens associated with the newly added chains will also be visible.

You can also visit and use the ADD SELF CHAIN TO KEPLR to simplify the process.

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