Self Chain Testnet

Learn about Self Chain Testnet

Testnet offers a public blockchain for testing and development. Free $SLF Testnet tokens are available from a faucet and users can test transactions, staking, etc. Testnet is a separate blockchain from Mainnet. It has different blocks, different transactions, and different tokens, but the operation, protocols, and specifications are identical to Mainnet.

What is the Testnet good for?

  • Create your test address and get your testnet funds.

  • Develop and test your applications against new versions of Self Chain.

  • Analyze blockchain data on a smaller, non-trivial data set compared to the public network.

Explorers for Testnet

Testnet Faucet

Testnet on the Keplr wallet

You will need to create a Keplr wallet first.

  1. On the Add your Custom network section, enter the devnet chain setting below:

/{ "rpc": "", "rest": "", "chainId": "self-dev-1", "chainName": "Self Chain Devnet", "stakeCurrency": { "coinDenom": "SELF", "coinMinimalDenom": "uself", "coinDecimals": 6 }, "bech32Config": { "bech32PrefixAccAddr": "self", "bech32PrefixAccPub": "selfpub", "bech32PrefixValAddr": "selfvaloper", "bech32PrefixValPub": "selfvaloperpub", "bech32PrefixConsAddr": "selfvalcons", "bech32PrefixConsPub": "selfvalconspub" }, "bip44": { "coinType": 118 }, "currencies": [ { "coinDenom": "SELF", "coinMinimalDenom": "uself", "coinDecimals": 6 } ], "feeCurrencies": [ { "coinDenom": "SELF", "coinMinimalDenom": "uself", "coinDecimals": 6 } ], "gasPriceStep": { "low": 0.05, "average": 0.075, "high": 0.1 }, "features": [ "stargate", "no-legacy-stdTx", "ibc-transfer" ] }
  1. Click on the Validate Input & Add to Keplr button.

  2. Approve the confirm popup on Keplr. Verify on Kelpr:

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